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Self Storage Bedford Township | Bedford Mini Storage - Self Storage
Bedford Mini Storage provides self storage units in a wide range of sizes and available for temporary and permanent storage. Customers can choose to pay on a monthly or annual basis. They will receive a free month of storage, if they prepay for a year of service.

The storage units range in size from 5 x 5 to 10 x 40, and there is outdoor storage space for RVs and boats.

Customers use storage units to open up space at their offices or in their homes or apartments. Items stored can include furniture, office equipment, computers, documents, books, CDs, clothing, seasonal items, tools and supplies. The storage area is secure and customers can access their units on a 24/7 basis for maximum convenience.

Bedford Mini Storage is a family owned and operated company in business since 1989. We service the areas around and including Erie, Michigan and Toledo, Ohio.

Here are some tips for storing your personal or business items:

  • Stack items vertically to make optimum use of the space available.
  • Use boxes, cabinets and other storage containers that are similar in size.
  • Do not store any food items in a storage unit.
  • Avoid storing combustible or hazardous materials in storage units
  • Stack heavy items near the bottom
  • Do not pack boxes so they become too heavy
  • Use mothballs to protect clothing and textiles
  • Plan how you will store your items before you get started. This will save you from wasting time rearranging items.
  • Keep things that you will need to access often near the entrance of the storage unit.
  • Special storage containers can help you optimize use of your storage space.
  • Label all boxes, cabinets and other containers so you can easily find what you need.
  • Leave a walkway down the center of the unit that will allow you to more easily access stored items.
  • Take apart bulky items like tables so that they do not consume excess storage space.
  • Clean appliances before storing them. Leave the doors open on items like microwave ovens and refrigerators to prevent moisture buildup.
  • Lubricate metal items to help prevent corrosion.
  • Lay paintings and mirrors flat and wrap in appropriate cushioning. Place a label on the items indicating they are fragile.
  • Place blankets or other coverings over furniture to prevent dust from collecting and to prevent scratching.
  • Do not store keys, access codes, passwords or similar security items.
  • Ask the management questions if you are unsure about whether you can store any particular item or if you need any other information on your storage options.